The Transportation Workforce Institute (TWI) aims to ensure a well-trained and diverse transportation workforce. TWI’s reach is national–constructing and disseminating model, sharable curriculum and workforce development resources based on national industry standards and certifications. TWI’s impact is regional–leading industry, education, and workforce development partners in creating programs and services that meet immediate and long-term employer needs while connecting diverse communities and citizens through transportation projects and workforce development efforts. Our work is shaped by three inter-connected strategies: (1) contribute to a systemic approach to workforce development in the U.S. transportation industry (2) enable agile and interlinked responses to regional employer demands, and (3) revitalize communities and connect citizens through transportation initiatives and activities.

Priorities and Recent Activities

TWI is focusing its efforts on these immediate priorities and recent activities:

Priority:  Convene regional partners and lead the development and execution of a collective transit and railway workforce development action plan.

Activity:  Hosted the Greater Los Angeles Transportation & Warehousing Sector Educators Regional Meeting.  For more information and to download materials from the meeting, click here.

Priority:  Create model, rail systems technology curriculum and certificate and degree programs including the integration of technology-enabled learning and support services, work-based learning, and credit for prior learning and experiences.

Activity:  Completed competency modeling, with industry partners, for rail systems technology core curriculum and rail vehicle maintenance curriculum.

Priority:  Build scalable outreach, pre-education, and pre-employment programs.

Activity:  Developed and piloted K-12 Transportation Career Pathway: Summer Transportation Academy.  To download activities and materials developed for the transportation academy visit Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing Pathway site, by clicking here.



Regional Transportation & Warehousing Educators Meeting Documents – 11/16/2016

National Council for Workforce Education 2016 Documents

Regional Transportation & Warehousing Educators Meeting Documents


Another Successful Transportation Youth Academy!

In July of 2017, Los Angeles Trade-Tech College and the Transportation Workforce Institute hosted another successful Transportation Youth Academy.

TWI Hosts Passenger Railway Engineering Education Symposium

The Transportation Workforce Institute (TWI) hosted the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) biennial Passenger Railway Engineering Education Symposium (p-REES), Monday, July

CRRC Event

TWI and LATTC recently hosted one of the largest rail conglomerates in the world. CRRC has expressed interest

TWI and LATTC create Rail Systems Technology Program

TWI has partnered with Los Angeles Trade Technical College to create a Rail Systems Technology Program. The two-year program offers